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Title: Software Donations
Post by: Tuicemen on October 30, 2014, 11:36:23 AM
I understand everyone wanting access to the software they donated for  as quickly as possible.
Since it is only me not a business looking after this there is no automatic software delivery for donations.
Updates can be done threw the software but access to full version features require a email.
I do not monitor my email 24/7 so responses can take up to a few weeks . :(
However I do attempt to get the info out as quickly as possible usually with in a few days if your lucky a few hours.

Note times that may take longer then normal are:

Holidays especially if they fall on a week end.
The first two weeks in November
Vacation time which I will post prior to leaving in this thread at this time I can't see it being longer then a week stretch

In Short please wait two weeks for a email reply before asking where is my unlock or software info.