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Author Topic: Getting and setting up a Cheep Kinects Camera  (Read 1213 times)


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Getting and setting up a Cheep Kinects Camera
« on: September 29, 2013, 09:20:06 AM »

Finding a cheap Kinects interface can be a bit of a task.
However it is possible.
Looking in local Cash Converters (Pawn shops)may reveal a deal.
Local buy and sell web sites may also.
E-bay is another however watch the shipping charges as they can be as much as the unit.
I've seen them go for as low as $25 (used and working) with free shipping so shop around.

What to look for:
Don't bother with the Kinects for windows they are too pricey, a Xbox 360 Kinects will work.
the Xbox Kinects will require the USB power adaptor if it doesn't come with one you can find them on e-bay for under $5 (free shipping if your willing to wait).

You'll need to be running Windows 7 or newer.
Microsoft has no intentions of adding support to older versions (XP is set to not be supported after Aug. 2013)
Download the Kinects SDK from Microsoft (this includes drivers for the kinects)
You can also download the developers tool kit to see some sample apps though this isn't needed.
In stall the SDK then plug in the kinects to the USB Power adaptor and plug it into the outlet and USB port on your PC.
Windows will auto detect the Kinects and install the drivers.
It also will automatically place the Kinects microphone array as the default microphone.

Kinects Placement:
This is one area I'm still experimenting with and will be user specific depending on room size.
However there are several different mounts available on e bay currently min is just sitting on box on my desk.
Warning: Be carful not to touch the camera lenses as this will cause the Kinects to not work correctly. Also don't manually adjust the angle of the camera as it could damage the tilt motor.
There is a app in the "developers toolbox browser" that has a option to a just this.
It is in the C# code section "Kinect explorer" click run and the app will open.
click "sensor settings" and adjust the angle so the camera sees you.

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