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Author Topic: Getting the most from a out door wood stove.  (Read 178 times)


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Getting the most from a out door wood stove.
« on: September 25, 2020, 10:15:05 AM »

My Central Boiler feeds my radiant floor and this works very well once the inside temperature is at the set point. I've read that radiant flooring uses low heat temperature and high temperature hotwater isn't  needed. However the lowest setting on my furnace is 150 and the manual suggest setting the temperature above this to reduce the amount of time the automatic damper cycles. ::)  I like not having the damper always clicking on as it uses extra amps which is in a limited supply during the winter months. You can't  power down the boiler as the eater needs to be continualy cycling to prevent boil overs. However I managed to wite in a x10 xpfm module which just kills the power to the controler ( not the pump) I rigged this up so I could turn the boiler on/off from the city. In the spring I played with cycling the power every hour using a sceen in the WM100. This worked very well but I got thinking I can maybe improve this even more. I started to play with longer off times. Out door temperatures may affect how long one can actualy keep the power off before the water just gets to cool to keep the floor at a comfortable temperature.  Currently a 4 hour off 1 hour on seems to work very well for cool fall weather. I'll keep doing experiments to see what works best for the heating season.
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