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Author Topic: 📧Smart E-mailer  (Read 236 times)


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📧Smart E-mailer
« on: April 17, 2019, 03:53:46 PM »

This adds the option to email the specified email addresses (yes you can specify as many as you like) when the module is switched on.
This works for all HG device types (Lights, Switches, Dimmers, Sensors, Door/Window, Sirens…..)
I've tested this with X10, Zwave, Philps Hue, WeMo, Virtal Devices, and Ha-Bridge configured devices. So virtually anything you wish to be informed of when turned on, opened or switches to a status of 1, is now just a few simple clicks to setup. ;)
Download and  and unzip the attached zip file then from HG Messaging and Social click actions and import program.
browse to the unzipped E-mailer folder and click on 1016-Smart_E-mailer.hgx to install it.
if you have any Ideas to expand on this programs possibilities feel free to suggest them or If your into coding add them your self.
However if you do modify please share your improvements or fixes.
Questions are never to dumb so ask away! ;)
Use at your own risk! I can't be responsible for you spamming your self or others! rofl
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