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Author Topic: Android Tablet/Phone (Smart Mirror)  (Read 736 times)


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Android Tablet/Phone (Smart Mirror)
« on: July 28, 2018, 01:56:26 PM »

I have an old AirPd I've been using on and off for several years using TAC as this is an android based tablet.
I've moved most of my HA to HomeGenie (HG) running  off a Pi.
Since there are two android apps available for this I can still use it as a remote client for X10 control.
I've jumped on the Alexa band wagon and was hoping I could use Alexa with this as that would add one more way to control my HA sadly this is not going to work as Alexa will not work on this old OS.
Recently I found a link to smart mirrors and this got me thinking about creating one I searched Magic Mirrors and how to make them and found several videos and how too documentation.
There atcualy is  a few smart mirror apps available for free at the playstore so I'm looking at possibly creating one with the AirPad.
Since I had TAC working via voice I figured I could create something new like this that worked with HG and use it in a Smart Mirror.
This I hope will be a winter project but may just end up being a rainy day project  at least for the hardware half.
There are tons of How too videos on YouTube for building one of these Smart (magic) mirrors so I won't go into making one. Like wise there are a mess of apps for this, one even promises Alexa control as a up comming upgrade.

If anyone is interested in creating a smart mirror as a X10 interface post your oftware ideas for what you'd like this to possibly do. I'm going to make this work with older Android versions  so I'm sure making the app available in the play store with to many options will make it impossible for older devices to download if the options aren't compatible with the device.

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