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Title: Alexa Hub image
Post by: Tuicemen on February 17, 2019, 09:35:09 AM
This is the result of this thread: reading it may provide some extra insight. ;>
Although build around the use of X10 other protocols may be used if HA-Bridge can talk to them.
Hardware you will need:
1: a Pi board and Power supply, case optional.
2: a mini SD card of 4 gigs or larger 8 is recommended
3: a cm19 or cm15 for x10 control
4: an Amazon Alexa device Echo, Dotů.

Software you will need:
1: A disk image creator like Win32 disk imager or Etcher for what ever PC OS your comfortable using, this is used to create the Disk image.
2: A tool to make a image Win32 disk imager will work. Or a tool like Filezila to copy your HA-Bridge back up files or any other files from the Pi.

Creating & installing the image:
If you use Etcher to write the image there is no need to unzip the file, otherwise it must be unzipped to create the image if using win32 disk imager or something simular.
Write this to a 4 gig SD card or larger using etcher or win32 disk imager
Be sure your x10 interface is disconnected
On booting and after logged in  with user: pi password: raspberry
type sh /boot/AlexaHub

That opens the configuration screen to change password and set your location  and network connections. finally do a resize (option 7 then 1)
once the resize is done exit and click yes to reboot.
once logged back in type sh InstallAlexaHub
When prompted you can connect your cm15 or cm19 and open a browser on another device to setup HA-Bridge for Alexa control. if you left the X10 interface in during install a reboot is require using "sudo reboot"
Note: I have included files so you can ssh in via wi-fi to setup.
You'll need to edit the wpa_supplement.config file prior to placing the sd card in the pi and booting.
brobin created a PDF manual documenting the install & setup process which can be downloaded as well
The PDF manual is attached
An image shortcut link is attached (AlexaHub.url) save it then open from your saved location.
Image download size is : 370,136,895 bytes
This image is known to work on the following Pi Boards if you test on a different one and it works let me know and I'll update the list:
1- Pi Zero W boards  :)!
2- Pi 3B+ boards :)!

Title: Re: Alexa Hub image
Post by: Tuicemen on June 25, 2019, 03:38:09 PM
I have no plans to update this image however Ha-Bridge gets updated from time to time which may add some extra features and fixes.
The current RC build includes a option to turn on /or off a device once the HA-Bridge program is fully loaded. Some users may find this option useful or at least wish to keep up to date.