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Title: Some minor issues
Post by: Richard on April 15, 2018, 02:34:44 PM
First let me say "Thanks for a great tool"

I am using Alex10 and HA-Bridge 5.2. I have some minor problems all of which can be worked around:

I can't get HA-Bridge to load changes made in Alex10 without rebooting. I have tried shutting down the bridge from Alex10 but (see below) Alex10 won't start it again giving an error message so I restart it by clicking the file name. Doing this restart with Alex10 still running or starting HA-Bridge first, or stopping and starting Alex10 first does not cause the bridge to load Alex10 changes.

Trying to start the Bridge from Alex 10 after shutting it down either with Alex10 or from it's interface gives the message "Unable to access jarfile C:\Alex10\ha-bridge.jar". The bridge starts fine when Alex10 first starts it.

When trying to remove "Currently Configured Devices" only 9 items are listed and there is no ability to scroll.

I noticed that if a device is added, removed and added again, the script adds the new information (four lines) to the previous information, i.e. it appends rather than replaces.


Title: Re: Some minor issues
Post by: Tuicemen on April 15, 2018, 05:46:22 PM
it has been a while since looking at the add devices portion of the code.
it is possible something was changed in the HA-Bridge  or Alex10 may have developed a bug with the last update.
I'll look at that part of the code again.

The shut down of the bridge then attempting to restart the bridge from Alex10 will throw an error if the bridge is set to auto load on Alex10 start  as there is code to restart the bridge built in to restart the bridge to prevent it from stopping.

I'll look at the non scrolling of configured devices as that also may be a simple setting that got changes in the last build.
Title: Re: Some minor issues
Post by: Tuicemen on April 15, 2018, 06:17:24 PM
Just to be clear your attempting to remove devices in Alex10?
I have no issues with devices displaying past  the 9th entry. I can't duplicate that here.
What version of Windows are you running?

When you say devices don't get loaded to the Bridge are you closing the setup page prior to checking? No new changes get sent to the bridge until you exit the settings page.
If settings still fail go to the bridge control tab on the bridge interface and click reinitialize.
let me know if that loads your new devices.