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Title: My Progress with Alex10 (and SmartCloud) Testing and Implementation
Post by: soxfan1966 on January 11, 2018, 11:05:32 AM
I have been working with Alex10 for about a month, and I was also doing some testing for SmartCloud over the last few weeks.

I ran into a few issues, some of which were on my end (the dreaded phase issue reared its ugly head) and a few things that Tuicemen fixed.

I currently have 2 Alexa Dots (one in my living room upstairs, and one in my basement family room) as well as a Google Home Mini (in my kitchen).

I had to tweak some of my setup to deal with a bad phase coupler, so I am now using some duplicated device entries in ActiveHome Pro (aka AHP) so that triggering the main device on house code A sends an equivalent RF signal to house code B (where the actual device is registered) and it can turn on and off.

As of now, I am able to turn x10 devices On and Off using AHP, Alexa and Google Home Mini.  I had issues with some of the dimming commands working consistently, and I am waiting for a few new x10 swtches to arrive before testing that further (I have LED lights so am upgrading to XPDI3-IW switches for those lights) and will do some additional testing for dimming when they arrive.

The setup for Alex10 was surprisingly easy and after a few minutes I was able to make tweaks and changes to things as I was testing and implementing modifications.  That really is a testament to Tuicemen and the quality and extremely useful software he has developed - cannot thank him enough  (Chr)

I've found that having Alexa and Google Home able to work with the x10 stuff has really brought it into the open and makes it much easier for others to use - a simple voice command as opposed to using the palm pad or phone app.

With that, I am looking for other things I can add the ability to use the x10 with - something I have not done in years.  An example is my Kitchen under cabinet lights - we really don't use them because they are awkward to turn on.  I added an x10 appliance module to them last night and showed my wife that she can use them with Alexa / Google Home now - she found the potential there much more useful (in the kitchen, how often are your hands full or dirty and its difficult to turn a light on).  So now I am looking to upgrade the under cabinet lights from the xenon pucks for some better LED lighting.  Its just interesting how adapting the "old" x10 technology to be able to integrate with the Alexa and Google Home (very modern, home automation devices) can add a new perspective on things.

One of things I still find difficult is using the ActivePhone app - which is funny because up until 6 months ago that was still pretty cool and "advanced" - but the jump from being able to use your voice as opposed to getting out the phone, opening the app, etc is amazing.  So am exploring some options there (Tuicemen made some recommendations of things to try).

Anyway - that's where things are at now with my setup and using Alexa and Google home via Alex10 (and SmartCloud).