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Title: ALEX10 as a service
Post by: DKBIALIK on February 11, 2017, 10:28:29 PM
Can I run Alex10 as a service?  I run Activehome Pro as a service on a pc I usually access by rdp.  I am worried if multiple sessions will make Alex10 unresponsive.
Title: Re: ALEX10 as a service
Post by: Tuicemen on February 12, 2017, 03:48:30 AM
Programs aren't meant to run as a service due to the fact it makes them hard to access to change settings. (though not impossible)
This was one reason I originally made Alex10 capable of just running from a windows command line call. If you closed it the HA-Bridge will still use it.
However with some of the newer adds if you intend to use those it is required to stay on even if minimized to the system tray.
Since it is possible to run any program as a system I did originally look at that option
I attempted to load Alex10 early in development however there was a issue with the HA-Bridge connecting.
That being said since Alex10 now continually looks to the bridge for connection it should be able to run as a service. ;>